Certification Fees, Rules & Conditions (ENG)


  1. Each stamp in a set or postal history item submitted for examination must be affixed to a separate form and addressed directly to the Experts & Consultants Limited (hereinafter called “ECL”), P.O. Box 9840, General Post Office, Hong Kong.
  2. The applicant must be the bona fide owner of the item submitted for examination.
  3. The Expert Committee of ECL (hereinafter called the “Committee”) reserves the right at all times to decline to examine or give an opinion on any item.
  4. Each stamp must be thoroughly cleaned of all hinges or paper remnants before submission.
  5. All reasonable care will be taken of items submitted for examination. The decisions rendered by the Committee are opinions only and are not guarantees. ECL and the members of the Committee cannot accept either collectively or individually, any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage (financial or otherwise) allegedly sustained as a result of any opinion expressed and errors of any kind which may occur.
  6. Insurance in transit or while in the custody or control of the Committee is not covered by ECL and is wholly and exclusively the responsibility of the applicant.
  7. ECL and the Committee shall be at their liberty and sole discretion to forward any item received to any expert (whether residing in Hong Kong or abroad) for his examination and observations.
  8. Items will be photocopied, scanned, photographed, and may be subject to ultraviolet, infrared light and/or other non-destructive analytical instruments during examination.
  9. All items submitted for examination shall be entirely at the risks of the applicant. ECL and the committee members, assistants, employees, experts, any consultants or any photographers to whom the item may be sent, shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage arising from any reason or causes whatsoever, including but not limited to any negligence by them.
  10. ECL and the Committee reserve the right to use all information (including photographs) acquired on items submitted for certification or identification as material for research, publication or any other purposes in the furtherance of philatelic knowledge.
  11. No opinion will be expressed as to the market or net value of an item.
  12. If the Committee is requested to re-examine an item on which an opinion has already been expressed, the original certificate must be submitted along with the application. In the event that any item which was previously declared genuine by the Committee is upon re-examination, declared not genuine, then the applicant hereby grants ECL and the Committee the right to retain any such authentication and agrees to make no claim or refund for the return thereof.
  13. Copies will not be provided to replace certificates lost or destroyed. If a new certificate is required, the item must be re-submitted and certificate fee paid.
  14. No opinion as to centering will be given. Defects and alteration will be noted.
  15. No item will be accepted if the applicant insists upon a deadline date for its return. ECL and the Committee shall not be liable for any delay in returning items or for any unavoidable delay or failure of the mailing services of local or other countries in making delivery of them.
  16. The proper fee must be paid before a certificate is issued
  17. Certificates remain the property of ECL.
  18. ECL and the Committee reserve the right to make such changes in the fees, rules and conditions as they deem necessary without notice, but such change will be announced as soon as possible.
  19. The request for an examination constitutes an acceptance by the applicant of all rules and conditions of ECL.





Catalogue or Fair Market or Estimated Value Fees
Minimum Fee US$100 or HK$800
US$2,600 or HK$20,000 and above 4%
Maximum Fee US$2,600 or HK$20,000


Catalogue or Fair Market or Estimated Value Fees
Minimum Fee US$200 or HK$1,500
US$4,000 or HK$30,000 and above 5%
Maximum Fee US$4,000 or HK$30,000


  1. If the item requires extensive research and/or third party scientific analysis to reach an opinion, the cost of such will be added to the certificate fee, but whenever practical, ECL will obtain the applicant's prior approval.
  2. All the above rates are exclusive of registered return postage. Insurance both ways is the responsibility of the applicant and will not be covered by ECL.
  3. Fee will be charged on the catalogue or fair market or estimated value by ECL, whichever is the higher.
  4. The fee for forgery, fake or counterfeit stamps and covers will be the minimum. There are no refunds unless no opinion is given, in which case, an administration fee of US$30 or HK$200 will be charged.


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